Popularity of Counter-Strike

The game was a great success worldwide, this we all already know. But in America, Counter-Strike faced some major problems, such as the decision taken in 2008 by federal judge Carlos Alberto Simões de Tomaz, from the 17th Federal Court of the State of Minas Gerais. This ruling prohibited the sale of Counter-Strike and EverQuest games, an RPG game.

The judge alleged that the two prohibited games brought stimuli to the subversion of the social order, which attacked the democratic state of law and against public safety. In other words, the games made the players violent and encouraged them to do terrorism.

In fact, this whole story began when the famous cs_rio map was created by the player nicknamed Mataleone, who was inspired by the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Needless to describe, as many already know, but CTs need to climb the hill and rescue the hostages from the hands of the terrorist team. The map was very well done and full of details.

Currently, the sale of Counter-Strike was re-released by the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region, in Brasilia (Brazil). Who fought for the release of the game in the country was Electronic Arts, which claimed that the game was already marketed as “18+” ie the game was within the norms and with a defined target audience, which were only the adults.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The latest version of Counter-Strike is Global Offensive. It was launched in early 2012. New systems were implemented, such as matchmaking, leaderboards and more. The news came in the exact month that CS Beta 1 turned 12 years old. More information were also revealed at Eurogamer Expo 2011 and PAX, games events.

Counter Strike Online

In addition to the traditional versions of CS, there is also Counter-Strike Online, which is a reworked version of Condition Zero and is distributed by Nexon Corporation, with permission from Valve. This is a free version of the game and is only distributed in Asian countries. It was released in 2008 and so far, there are 5 different versions of that title.

FAQ CS: Popular slang

Below is a short list of expressions commonly used in the game, and you may even learn a few things that are used in various other games:

  • TR: Terrorist
  • CT: Counter-Terrorist
  • TK: Team Killer (Player who kills his own teammate)
  • HS: Head Shot
  • Lock: Block a teammate
  • Plant the bomb: Arming the bomb on the target on the map
  • Defuse: Obviously bomb disposal.

Other expressions already used in online games have also been incorporated into CS, such as:

  • Noob: Novice
  • Rush: Run without stopping to the target on the map
  • Ammo: Ammunition
  • Sniper: Player with the sniper function
  • Xiter: Player that uses some type of cheat
  • Kick: Eject the player from a server
  • Camper or Camperar: Player that hides all the time, to kill without being discovered. Usually it is the “Sniper”
  • X1: Individual dispute between two players, without the intervention of others.
  • FF: Friendly Fire (same as TK).