Most Fun Mods for Counter Strike

Not everyone knows, but Counter Strike, one of the titles that marked the PC gaming industry in the world, was actually a modification of Valve’s Half-Life game. Like this one, Counter Strike also received Mods (name given to changes in games) that turned it into different adventures and added some variety. Check out some of the best released to date:

Super Hero Mod

For players who have mastered the traditional games of Counter Strike and want to increase the level of challenge, Super Hero Mod brings an amusing progression through levels that guarantees to the user superpowers. After gaining experience points, you can borrow superhero skills such as Flash speed, and use them against your opponents.

Zombie Mod

One of pop most popular themes, the zombie apocalypse, does not miss out on Counter Strike modifications. Using undead classes taken directly from Left 4 Dead, you can face the threat with heavy weaponry, such as a chainsaw. And if you get bitten and become a zombie, there’s always the chance to play one more time.

Respect and Honor 1944

This is one of the most radical modifications of the game, with a certain irony. While many FPS fled from World War II to the war on terrorism, Respect and Honor 1944 brings exactly that classic battle to Counter Strike.

Resident Evil Mod

The popular action and horror series gets a replay in this Resident Evil version of Counter Strike. Do not expect something like the Zombie Mod. In this game you will invade Umbrella Corporation labs, fight zombies and even hunters, using weapons characteristic of franchise games.

Elite Troop Mod

Closer to the reality than all other mods, the modification of Tropa de Elite brings the BOPE into its games. There are actually two Mods, each based on one of the movies. The first takes place on the famous cs_rio map, which takes place in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, while the sequence follows the story of the second film, putting on suits and ties to the characters, representing the real enemies.