CSGO Betting

How to Bet on Counter Strike Global Offensive?

The most played FPS game in the world is Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and is one of the powers in e-Sports. Bookmakers love to open markets for the game’s competitions and the success of the last major, ESL One: Cologne 2016, has made many gamblers turn their eyes to electronic games. In fact, last weekend a team of Brazilians won a championship and won $ 500,000!

But we know that the vast majority of people still do not have full knowledge of this world of CS: GO, so there’s a “guide” explaining everything about the game and its relation to betting.

The franchise

The CS: GO is now the third largest competitive game in the world and is behind only Dota 2 and League of Legends in terms of profitability and audience. Many players already know the franchise because of the lan houses fever in the 2000s and in almost all of them there was at least one group of people playing Counter Strike. The game exploded in version 1.6 as well as its competitive side.

Global Offensive was the fourth major series release and came with new enhancements and new features. It featured new and classic weapons, characters and maps. Many teams that disputed previous versions migrated to the new title and from there began to attract millions. According to Steam, a game distribution platform, more than 620,000 people play CS: GO daily.

How does CS GO work?

The matches are composed of two teams of five players each. In the competitive mode they compete between counter-terrorists and terrorists. On the map, there are two places where you can plant a bomb, and terrorists need to plant it or to eliminate all counter-terrorists. Counter-terrorists, however, must eliminate all opposing players, defuse the bomb if it has been planted or prevent terrorists from planting the bomb at the specified time. Игра длится 30 раундов, а побеждает та команда, которая первая набирает 16 очков. This type of match is played three times, and the team that wins two maps wins.

Amidst this there are thousands of tactics and ways that players can perform to achieve their goal. The use of grenades, smokes, molotovs and other peripherals are also features that both teams can have. The way they manage their money is also a very important factor in the games.

Betting on CS: GO

Bookmakers usually expect large championships to open markets for the game and almost every month there are tournaments in which everyone can profit. In pre-game betting we can find handicap, moneyline, round winner and even over / under of maps if the dispute is held on a better three or more maps.